I was born and raised in Mansfield, England live there today. I started writing seriously in 2009, steampunk novel called Steam Queen which was published in 2010. Around the same time I wrote a children's fantasy novel called On Angels Wings which I also had published. Both books have received great reviews and Steam Queen was www.sfbook.com's book of the month for January 2011.

I have always been a fan of superheroes. The comic books, superhero novels, superhero movies and superhero video games; I love them all so it was no surprise really when I decided to try and write a superhero novel too! The end result was True Hero? A novel which World Castle Publishing have agreed to publish.

Writing True Hero? Was partially inspired by my love of internet forum based RPG websites. With them you sort of pick  a character from whatever the site is based on and role-play as them. Many of the sites which I joined were X-Men/Marvel comics based which I think was pretty useful in developing my skills at writing the superhero genre.

At the moment I am currently in full time education studying Zoo Biology at Nottingham Trent University. I write in my spare time and would love to continue writing well past my education and when I enter the good old working world.

Most of my writing is fantasy based but I have wrote one or two horror short stories, one of which has been selected to appear in an upcoming anthology so maybe in the future I might write a full length horror novel too ;)

Visit my website at http://www.jackhessey.com/
As the most popular superhero in the world, Stella Stargirl has it all; fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans, a place of the world's best superhero team and even a number 1 hit single to her name.

Stella however has a secret that even she doesn't know. She is a fraud. An average-powered  hero who stood on the shoulders of giants and got all the glory whilst her more powerful teammates did all the work.

When a new supervillain appears on the scene, one who manages to de-power the world's heroes, Stella decides it is time to put aside her self-doubts and show the world that fraud or not, she can be a true hero.

Print ISBN:  9781837085025
E-Book ISBN: 9781937085544
Genre: Superhero
Release Date 07/15/2011
Dragons are on the verge of extinction. Hunted for over a hundred years by a band of dragon hunters called The Legion of Saint George.  

Now Syra, Queen of the Black Mountain, finds herself on the front-line of this century long conflict and makes the decision to do whatever it takes to save her dying race.  

Her goal, to travel to Jörmungandr. A near-mythical island said to be a haven for dragons, but is this magical place a true sanctuary or a graveyard? A place where the remaining dragons are silently waiting for the end of their kind?

Print ISBN:      9781938961724
E-Book ISBN:  9781938961731
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date 1/1/2013