Trisha Haddad a writer living in sunny Southern California in a house full of guys. When she’s not writing and hanging out with her guys, Trisha is reading, traveling, camping, or searching out places to view great art.
Leah Taylor prefers the quiet adventure and romance of books, but during a cruise with her parents, a terrorist attack leaves her adrift in a lifeboat with four strangers.  

Together, they struggle to survive. Leah also struggles with the growing attention from the men she's stranded with, and her mixed emotions toward them.   

When Leah learns a fellow survivor’s dark secret, the truth will blow apart any semblance of civility and test Leah’s preconceived notions of just how far dedication can go before it crosses over into fanaticism.

Hardback ISBN: 9781629897370
Paperback ISBN: 9781629897387
eBook ISBN: 9781629897394
Genre: YA Romance/Survival
Release Date 08/07/2017